Launching Clare FM – The Book

Clare FM is County Clare’s local radio station and it was launched on 10th September 1989. Ger Sweeney was the first voice on air at the station and he has written the story of launching Clare FM.

Launching Clare FM – The stories of those who launched Clare’s local radio station in 1989” will be launched on Tuesday 12th November 2019. There was a team of about 30 people working on a full time and part time basis at Clare FM when the station launched 30 years ago. These people tell their stories throughout the book outlining where they are from, how they got interested in radio, how they became part of the Clare FM team, their role in the launch, what they did at the radio station, why they left, where they went and what they’re doing today.

Clare FM was one of the first local radio stations to commence broadcasting in 1989. It was a historic event and the stories contained in the book outline just how eagerly the arrival of local radio was anticipated by the people of the county. Many positive changes came about because of it and these are teased out by those who were there to witness it happening first hand.


The book will be available throughout County Clare and online. There are a few stores stocking it in Limerick, Galway and Dublin too. Closer to the launch date further information will be available here as will information on the social media channels for the book.