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Revised LOE LogoLive on Eire is Spain’s only Irish radio programme. It is broadcast on Monday evenings at 6pm CET (5pm Irish time)  on Talk Radio Europe based in Southern Spain.  The programme is presented by Irish broadcaster Ger Sweeney.

Live on Eire is a chat programme that focuses on the connections that exist between Ireland and Spain. The programme features events that happen in Ireland that would be of interest to the significant Irish community in Spain and further afield. Ger also features events happening in Spain that are of interest to the Irish living in Spain and indeed elsewhere.

According to the Cervantes Institute yearbook “Spanish in the World 2018” there are 577 million Spanish-speakers in the world. Accordingly, the programme often looks to Spanish-speaking countries across Latin America to explore the links between them and Ireland. And there are many!

Below you can hear ALL of the programmes as they were broadcast starting with the most recent.

Live on Eire Next Monday (29th July)

This will be updated in the coming days. In the meantime all previous programmes are available below in the archive.

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Live on Eire 22nd July 2019

On today’s Live on Eire Ger talks to the programme’s Spanish/Irish Cultural Consultant José Antonio Sierra about the extensive links between Ireland and Latin America. George Lee will be discussing the news from Ireland over the past week, Ger will be playing the No.1 song in Ireland on this day in 1994 (it was at no.1 for 17 weeks so it must be good), there is this week’s birthday file, a history lesson and much more squeezed into the hour

Live on Eire 15th July 2019

On this week’s Live on Eire Patricia Trainor has another anecdote from her vast collection and this week she tells us about a woman from irish history called Dervorgilla, George Lee joins Ger Sweeney for a tongue-in-cheek look at last week’s news stories in Ireland, Ger will be playing the Irish No.1 on this date in 1974 and there’s a lovely tribute to the late Brendan Grace.


Live on Eire 8th July 2019

Ger talks to Ishtar Espejo, the Director of Foundacion Aladina, a Spanish charity that works with sick children and their families, there’s a sample of the atmosphere at the weekend’s Irish Open Golf Championship. The Irish number 1 on 8th July 1989 and a lot more.


Live on Eire 1st July 2019

As the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open comes to Lahinch in Co. Clare this week Ger talks to Michael Vaughan about the beautiful coastal resort, the golf courses and a lot more, George Lee pops in to chat about the news in Ireland over the past week, hear the No.1 song in Ireland on 1st July 1972, the famous birthdays file, a history lesson and much more.


Live on Eire 24th June 2019

On today’s edition Ger talks to George Lee (@drombanna) about the Irish news of the past week, Patricia Trainor tells us about the Flight of the Earls, this week’s Irish birthday file, a history lesson, the No.1 song in Ireland on this day 1977 and much more. There is a Ulysses throwback to last week too musically.


Live on Eire 17th June 2019

On this week’s Live on Eire Ger plays the interviews he conducted at the Bloomsday reading of Chapter 9 of Ulysses on the beach in Fuengirola on Sunday morning. George Lee pops in to chat about the past week’s news in Ireland. Great Irish music, famous birthdays, a history lesson and great Irish mucsic including the irish No.1 on this date in 1967.


Live on Eire 10th June 2019

On today’s programme Patricia Trainor tells us the story of St. Fiacra. George Lee chats with Ger about the Irish news stories of the past week, there’s a look ahead to Bloomsday events on the Costa del Sol and the Irish No.1 song fomr this date in 1973. A great selection of music and a whole lot more.


Live on Eire 3rd June 2019

Ger Sweeney talks to Lucy Stewart about her love of music, particularly Irish music and how that love features in her everyday life in Spain, George Lee on some of the Irish stories of the past week and there is a report from Doonbeg in West Clare by Ben Sweeney in advance of the arrival of one of the villages local businessmen who also happens to be the President of the United States. This week’s birthday file, an Irish history lesson from this week in history and Ireland’s favourite folk song all feature on this episode.


Live on Eire 27th May 2019

On this week’s Live on Eire Ger talks to Roger Cummiskey about Bloomsday which is June 16th, George Lee chats to him about some of the stories that made headlines in Ireland over the past 7 days and Patricia Trainor has the story of 2 well known Irish Saints (not George and Ger). There are some famous Irish birthdays from this week’s birthday file, the Irish No.1 from this day in 1987 and a whole lot more.


Live on Eire 20th May 2019

On this week’s Live on Eire, Ger talks to Peter O’Dwyer for the first time in a few weeks to get the Irish reaction to recent happenings in London and Brussels in relation to Brexit. George Lee joins Ger to have a tongue-in-cheek look at the past week in Ireland, there will be the No.1 song in Ireland from this week in 1967 and the usual famous Irish birthdays, a history lesson and some great Irish music.


Live on Eire 13th May 2019

On today’s Live on Eire with Ger Sweeney there is some great Irish music, much of which is seleceted from this week’s birthday list, George Lee will be chatting to Ger about the news stories from Ireland over the past week and there will be some information on events happening in the coming weeks along the Costa del Sol that might be of interest to you.


Live on Eire 6th May 2019

On today’s Live on Eire Ger Sweeney talks to Brendan O’Donoghue in County Donegal about recent earthquakes in the area, Sandra Ruiz, originally from Saville is a candidate in Tallaght (in Dublin) for the Social Democrats in the upcoming Local Elections, George Lee pops in for a quick chat and there is be plenty of Irish music from a number of genres.

Live on Eire 29th April 2019

On this edition we are celebrating our 1st Anniversary with Talk Radio Europe so it is a special event. Patricia Trainor returns to conclude her story of Maude Gonne and tell us about Maude’s son Sean McBride, our Spanish/Irish Cultural Consultant José Antonio Sierra joins Ger to talk about yesterday’s General Election in Spain and George Lee chats through some of the big stories in Ireland of the past week. All this and some great Irish music too along with othere bits and pieces.

Live on Eire 22nd April 2019

This week on Live on Eire Ger talks to Lynne Coyle, a Scottish woman living in Co. Kildare who has been making wine in Spain, Peter O’Dwyer gives us an update on the current political situation in Ireland with particular emphasis on reaction to recent Brexit developments and Patricia Trainor has another wonderful anecdote. Ger plays some lovely Irish music too including the No.1 song in Ireland on this week 1975.

Live on Eire 15th April 2019

It’s back!!! On this week’s Live on Eire Ger Sweeney talks to Shane O’Shea about the Irish Network Andaluz which will be launching later this month. Alfonso Blanco tells us about the Association of Spanish Researchers in Ireland and Patricia Trainor relates a fabulous story from her childhood in Belfast. There are famous Irish Birthdays of the week and a wee history lesson along with plenty of good Irish music.

Live on Eire took a break on Monday 1st and Monday 8th April 2019. The reason for this is that Talk Radio Europe was moving to new studios. We are delighted to say that Live on Eire returns on Monday 15th April from the brand new, squeeky clean TRE studios. The programme will be available here following transmission.

Live on Eire 25th March 2019

Today there is another anecdote from Patricia Trainor and this week she tells us about the High King of Ireland and how Scotland got its name. George Lee will be chatting to Ger about the Irish stories that had us chatting in Ireland in the past week and Peter O’Dwyer will update us on the Brexit/Ireland circus. There is some great music, our birthday file for the week and some “on this day” information.

Live on Eire 18th March 2019

Well it’s the day after St. Patrick’s Day. We will bring you some news on some of the happenings. Another anecdote from Patricia Trainor along with a review of the week’s Irish news with George Lee and Ben Sweeney chat’s to Tony Bell the founder of the Irish Association of Spain.

Live on Eire 11th March 2019

This is the last Live on Eire before St. Patrick’s Day so Ger will be focusing on some of the global celebrations taking place in honour of our parton saint. George Lee will review the last week’s Irish news stories and Peter O’Dwyer will update us on Brexit and Ireland. There’s a wee clip of the Irish Eurovision Song Contest entry too.

Live on Eire 4th March 2019

A busy week this week – Eleanor McKenzie from Belfast tells Ger her story, Patricia Trainor also from Belfast gives us a fabulous anecdote about the Titanic and Barbara Wood from Tourism Ireland talks about the global greening campaign currently underway ahead of St. Patrick’s Day. George Lee also looks back at the week that was and some of the stories that had us chatting in Ireland

Live on Eire 25th February 2019

Ger travelled to St. Patrick’s Church in Malaga to find out about the parish and who exactly THEIR St. Patrick is, there’s a look back at the week that was with George Lee, Peter O’Dwyer updates us on the Ireland/Brexit situation and Aida Blanes Arias the Foreign Residents’ Councillor tells us about the weekend celebrations coming up to celebrate Dia de Andalucia on February 28th. Some great music and information on a new feature that commences next Monday.

Live on Eire 18th February 2019

Ger plays the No.1 song in Ireland on 18th February 1965, he chats to George Lee about the stories that caught the imagination in Ireland in the past week and Peter O’Dwyer discusses the current Ireland/Brexit situation. Some great Irish music, some famous Irish birthdays coming up this week and a history lesson.

Live on Eire 11th February 2019

On this episode Ger Sweeney chats to George Lee about the stories that had tongues wagging in Ireland in the past week, Peter O’Dwyer gives us the latest thoughts in Ireland in relation to Brexit “progress” and its implications for the island of Ireland and the programme’s Spanish/Irish Cultural Consultant José Antonio Sierra tells us about the official opening of the Spanish Cultural Institute on 11th February 1974. Great music, some famous Irish birthdays coming up this week and much more.

Live on Eire 4th February 2019

Ger chats to Waterford native, Shane O’Shea, whose “Project Music” is organising classical evenings along the Costa del Sol and attracting quite a following. There’s a look back at the stories that had us chatting in Ireland in the past week with George Lee and with only 53 days left Peter O’Dwyer updates us on the latest Brexit/Ireland position. Some famous Irish birthdays in the week ahead, a history lesson and plenty of good music too.

Live on Eire 28th January 2019

With only 60 days to Brexit Peter O’ Dwyer talks to Ger about the past week’s ups and down from an Irish perspective, George Lee reviews some of the Irish stories that had us talking in the past few days and Terry McKinley talks about plans for a great celebration over the St. Patrick’s weekend on the Costa del Sol. There are some famous birthdays this week, a history lesson, Eurovision memory and much more.

Live on Eire 21st January 2019

Ger chats to a Co. Dublin woman who has been working in Spain for 19 years and today is the Marketing Manager for the beautiful Kempinski Hotel. We find out about her life and journey to Spain. George Lee looks back at some of the events that made headlines in the past week and Peter O Dwyer updates us on the current Brexit story as it impacts Ireland. Great Irish music and a a lot more.

Live on Eire 14th January 2019

There is extensive work being done for over a decade at the Military Service Pension Collection department of the Military Archives in Ireland. Cecile Gordon talks to Ger about the project that is very important as we mark the centenary of the Civil War and the War of Independence in the coming years. George Lee has a look at some of the stories that made headlines across the country in the past week and Peter O’Dwyer updates us on the current Irish take on Brexit. There are some famous Irish birthdays, some history, an Irish Eurovision memory and plenty of good Irish music.

Live on Eire 7th January 2019

Mari Cahalane, Head of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition which kicks off in Dublin on Wednesday (9th January) talks about its history and what we can expect this year. There is an extended sit down interview with Irish Showbiz and comic Legend Brendan Grace, great Irish music, some famous Irish birthdays happening this week and a lot more.

Live on Eire 31st December 2018

Ger Sweeney talks to Minister John Paul Phelan about the electoral reforms that are underway in Ireland. There is a history lesson, famous Irish birthdays, an Irish Eurovision memory from 1981 and we remember some of the well known Irish people who have passed away in 2018.

Live on Eire 24th December 2018

A few familiar voices pop in to say hi, have a chat and wish us all a Happy Christmas. Some lovely Irish Christmas tunes and a chat with the writer of one of these icon songs. There is a special phone call to an Irishman living in a very cold spot who had a very responsible job on Christmas Eve night that helped Santa Claus to get across the world.

Live on Eire 17th December 2018

Lindie Naughton talks about her new Book “MARKIEVICZ – Prison Letter and Rebel Writings”. Fiona Penollar is the Head of the Irish Passport Service and she talks us through some recent changes in the service that allows for easier passport renewal from anywhere in the world. Great Irish music including the first ever IRISH number one song in Ireland, some famous Irish birthdays, a history lesson and of course the Irish reaction to this week in Brexit with the Times Ireland’s Peter O’Dwyer

Live on Eire 10th December 2018

On this edition of Live on Eire Ger talks to Richard Fitzpatrick an Irish journalist based in barcelona about Margaret Kearney Taylor who ran the Embassy Tea Room in Madrid. Margaret helped over 30,000 Jews, Servicemen and others escape the Nazis during World War II. Peter O’Dwyer talks Brexit from an Irish perspective, there will be famous Irish birthdays, music to match, a history lesson and an Irish Eurovision memory from 1980 and the first Christmas song of 2018 on Spain’s Irish radio Programme….and it’s a special one.

Live on Eire 3rd December 2018

Irish science fiction was discussed, teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is very popular among the Irish across the world and we look at that. Some great Irish music, famous Irish birthdays being celebrated this week and a lot more including a look at a Brexit/Ireland update with Peter O Dwyer.

Live on Eire 26th November 2018

Northern Ireland is officially the best food destination in the world. Food NI Chief Executive Michele Shirlow explains what this means and how it came about. Ciaran Carty is a well known Irish journalist, broadcaster and movie critic.  His new book “Writer to Writer” has just been launched and he talks about that while explaining his very close ties to Spain and Spanish culture over the past 50 years. Some great Irish music and another Brexit-Free episode.

Live on Eire 19th November 2018

Manus Walsh is a well known and much loved artist. He splits his time between his Ballyvaughan home in the Burren and his Spanish home. He recently launched a new exhibtion called “Variations” at the Kennny Gallery in Galway. Manus talks to Ger about his work, his inspirations and his long time love affair with Spain and the Burren. While at the Kenny Gallery Ger took the opportunity to speak to Des Kenny, one of the five second generations at the world renowned Kenny’s Bookstore. A fabulous story told beautifully by Des Kenny.

Live on Eire 12th November 2018

Have you any idea how to trap a starfish? Well on this edition of Live on Eire Ger spoke to Marieann O’ Dwyer who knows exactly how to do that….and WHY one might need such a talent. The passing of Irish musician, composer and academic Professor Micheál O’Suilleabháin was marked, Peter O’Dwyer updated us on a very exciting time in the Brexit negotiations focusing exclusively on the Irish position. There is an Irish Eurovision memory from 1978, music from The Fiddle Case, The Undertones, Luke Kelly and more.

Live on Eire 5th November 2018

Ger talks to Catherine Nowlan Roebuck, she is co-author of a new book on Nano Nagle, the founder of the Presentation Sisters, Peter O Dwyer talks about a very tense time in the Ireland/Brexit talks and former Spanish Ambassador to Ireland José Antonio Yturriaga reflects on his five years in office. Wonderful Irish music from Christy Moore, Passenger, Dolores Keane & Mick Hanley, Noel Shine & Mary Greene and there is an Irish Eurovision memory from 1977

Live on Eire 29th October 2018

Tom Gilmore has written a biography on Irish Country Music Legend Big Tom McBride, Patricia Trainor from Belfast who spent 25 years teaching Irish and Irish studies at the University of Malaga and Peter O’Dwyer updates us on Brexit and ireland. Some famous Irish birthdays of the week feature and there will be some great Irish music

Live on Eire 22nd October 2018

Portumna Players are performing in Fuengirola for one night only, the inaugural Irish Book Week, Peter O’Dwyer talks us through the week’s Ireland and Brexit issues and we chat about the first ever Trim Trad Festival. Some great music too from Christie Hennessy, Horslips, Bressie, the Freshmen, Celtic  Woman and the Fureys

Live on Eire 15th October 2018

Ger talks to Antonio Rodriguez about La Termica, Peter Crann one of the Musical Directors of Irish Fleadh Cáceres tells us about this year’s programme. There’s an irish Eurovision memory from 1976 and Lots of other good Irish music from The Nolans, Paddy Reilly, Kila, Brendan Grace and Brian Kennedy.

Live on Eire 8th October 2018

Nuala Finnegan from the Spanish Department at UCC (University College Cork) tells Ger about the unique range of Spanish studies the university offers. Jose Manuel Gil de Galves from Concerto Málaga reveals some very good news and discusses the group’s links with Sligo, Limerick and Donegal. Peter O’Dwyer looks back at a busy week of Brexit/Ireland relations and Dr. Mark O’Brien from DCU (Dublin City University) discusses the Irish Pirate Radio Archives that was recently presented to the university. Plenty of other bits and bobs and some great Irish music.

Live on Eire 1st October 2018

Karen Hennessy is the CEO of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland, she tells Ger what the Council does, Elena Campos tells us all about Bilingual Málaga and Peter O’Dwyer tells us about the past week in relation to Brexit/Ireland.

A really mixed bag of music from the Devine Comedy, Frank Patterson, The Script, Picture This and Boyzone.

Live on Eire 24th September 2018

There is an online course to teach us about the Book of Kells and Dr. Rachel Moss from Trinity College tells us about it, Peter O’Dwyer talks about a very exciting and controversial week in Brexit negotiations with the Irish Border at the heart of it and Ger was at the International Irish Music Festival over the weekend so you can hear some of the action.

Live on Eire 17th September 2018

Brian Robinson from U3A (University of the third Age) features today, Colm Fitzpatrick the Musical Director at the Claddagh Bar in Marbella tells us about the upcoming International Irish Music Festival and Anna Marie McHuugh previews the Ploughing Championships. Music from Big Tom, Sinead O’Connor, Ronan Keating and Fred.

Live on Eire 10th September 2018

Ger introduces José Antonio Sierra who has been working on the programme as its Spanish/Irish Cultural Consultant, There’s a tribute to the Childrens’ television programme Wanderly Wagon, Leticia from the Association of Spanish Speaking Parents in Ireland fills us in on the group’s activities and Ger attended the first training session of the new season for the Costa Gaels in Marbella.

Live on Eire 3rd September 2018

Nick Asmore from the SBCI explains how SMEs can get funding to prepare for Brexit, Frederico tells Ger about the upcoming Celtasur music festival near Granada and Martin Tolan from TSSG in Waterford explains their technology to prevent trucks being used as weapon in terror attacks. Music from the Clancy Brothers, Cranberries and Brendan Bowyer

Live on Eire 27th August 2018

Eoin Smith Walsh talks about his new book about the contribution Kilkenny people made during the Civil War and the War of Independence, Julie Carr talks about the Matchmaking Festival in Lisdoonvarna and Tyrone-based Francis Mooney previews the Dublin V Tyrone All Ireland Senior Football Final. Music from Brian McFadden, Christy Moore and Van Morrison

Live on Eire 20th August 2018

As Ireland prepares for the arrival of Pope Francis Susan O’Loughlin tells us about her RTE Radio documentary about the preparations for the last papal visit in 1979, Niamh Donnellan tells us what to expect for National Heritage Week, Ennis man Kevin Keane pays tribute to the late Tommy Peoples and there’s a Brexit/Ireland update with Peter O’Dwyer from The Times Ireland. Music from Maura O’Connell, Thin Lizzy, Villagers and Tadhg Horan

Live on Eire 13th August 2018

Carlos Perez Torres talks to Ger Sweeney about his memories of Irish artist George Campbell, Breda Smith from Kilcock Gallery does similar, Peter O’Dwyer updates us on Brexit/Ireland and Jerome O’Connell from the Limerick Leader looks ahead to the Limerick V Galway All Ireland Senior Hurling Final.

Live on Eire 6th August 2018

Michelle McCann from Transport for Ireland talks about the “Baby on Board” initiative, Alberto Cisterna from Enterprise Ireland discussed trade and Ger Travelled to a beautiful village called Genalguacil to meet Mayor Miguel Herrera to find out about the living art exhibition/festival.

Live on Eire 30th July 2018

Maurice Fitzpatrick wrote and produced a television documentary about John Hume’s work in the U.S. to bring peace to the island of Ireland. He talks to Ger today. The Galway Races kicked off today and Sinead Cassidy gives us a flavour of the atmosphere. Music from Christy Moore and the Corrs.

Live on Eire 23rd July 2018

Dr. Joseph Ryan tells Ger about Ireland’s first Technical University, Dr. Brendan Hoban from the Irish Catholic Priests Association explains the current public consultation process they are engaged in and we’ve music from Gina, Andrew String & the Committments and Dominic Kirwan

Live on Eire 16th July 2018

Seamus Moran is from Dublin originally. He know lives in Spain and he tells Ger Sweeney about a very busy and successful career, Kevin Lenane chats about Eire Óg Saville and Peter O’Dwyer updates us on Brexit/Ireland. Music today from Mike Denver, Brush Sheils, the Undertones and the Shamrocks

Live on Eire 9th July 2018

David Conway is CEO of Limerick 2030 and he fills us in on plans, Peter O’Dwyer talks Ireland/Brexit and Eleanor Moloney tells Ger Sweeney about her project that suggests a whole new experience could be enjoyed by developing the Lanes Network of Limerick. Music from Declan O’Rourke, an Irish Eurovision memory and Don Stiffe.

Live on Eire 2nd July 2018

Today’s programme features Liam O’Driscoll who has just returned from Russia after winning the European Ploughing Championships, Dr. Kieran O’Connor is the President of the Irish Dentists Association, we find out about a Music Festival called Calalonia Celta and Peter O’Dwyer updates us on Ireland/Brexit.

Live on Eire 25th June 2018

Barbara Wood from Tourism Ireland talks about a new initiative launched in Spain to encourage Spaniards to visit Northern Ireland, Businessman John Low talks about his career in Ireland,the UK & Spain and Gareth Morcombe explains Foot Golf to Ger.

Live on Eire 18th June 2018

Bloomsday was celebrated in style on the beach in Fuengirola and Ger Sweeney was there to record it, The Beer Club is recruiting a “beer taster”, Karen Mc Hugh from Safe Home Ireland tells us what the organisation does and Niamh Mc Clelland from the tells us about the 11 things that ALWAYS happen us at airports. Music today from Stocktons Wing, the Saw Doctors, Charlie McGettigan and more.

Live on Eire 11th June 2018

Rudi Kinsella from tells Ger Sweeney about the 9 things Irish people MUST do on holidays, We hear from the Costa Gaels end of season BBQ in Marbella and Peter O’Dwyer continues his commentary and observations on the Ireland/Brexit position. Music is supplied by Christie Hennessy, Bob Geldof and an Irish Eurovision memory and there’s a yarn from comedian Tommy Tiernan.

Live on Eire 4th June 2018

Today Ger Sweeney chats to “Joycean” Roger Cummiskey about his love of Ulysses and a special event coming up in Fuengirola on Bloomsday, Siobhan King tells us about the Wild Atlantic Way, we meet an English man with a love of Limericks, Peter O’Dwyer updates us on Brexit/Ireland and Ger is on the streets in Ireland to find out how much Irish people actually know about Spain and the Spanish.

Live on Eire 28th May 2018

Ger Sweeney talks to Aileen from Celta Malaga about ladies football, there’s reaction to the result of the referendum on the 8th, Peter O’Dwyer with more commentary on the Brexit/Ireland situation and plenty of good music.

Live on Eire 21st May 2018

Music from Mary Black, Luka Bloom, Cranberries and Gary O’Mara. Guests include Juan Gomez who tells us about a special reunion at University of Limerick, Mark Brennock from the Referendum Commission talks about the upcoming vote on the 8th Amendment, we get reaction from the streets in relation to the referendum and we hear about a “Pint of Science”

Live on Eire 14th May 2018

This week Peter O’Dwyer from The Times Ireland updates us on the Brexit/Ireland situation, Ben Sweeney reports from the Darkness into Light walk and Maureen Kenneally Director of Poetry tells Ger Sweeney about the organisation. Some great music too from the Dubliners and Enya.

Live on Eire 7th May 2018

On this week’s programme Ger Sweeney spoke to john Lynch the leader of the Kilfenora Ceili Band, Anna Sherman the Foreign Residents’ Councillor in Benalmadena, The editors of the Clare Champion & the Donegal Democrat about what’s making the headlines and Peter O’Dwyer spoke about the latest Brexit/Ireland news.

The first Live on Eire

was broadcast on Monday 30th April 2018. Guests this week included Ireland’s Ambassador to Spain Síle Maguire, The President of the Irish Association in Spain Terry McKinley, Costa Gaels GAA Club driving force Justin Parkes and Peter O’Dwyer the Senior Business Reporter with the Times Ireland.